Shower and Bath Bomb Making Class
Shower and Bath Bomb Making Class
Shower and Bath Bomb Making Class
Shower and Bath Bomb Making Class

Shower and Bath Bomb Making Class

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Step into the effervescent world of shower and bath bombs in our brand-new Shower and Bath Bomb Making Class! This 75-minute hands-on experience will transform your bathroom rituals into therapeutic escapes, and the best part? You'll be the alchemist behind it all!

First, we'll kick off by unraveling the fizz-tastic difference between Shower Bombs (also known as Steamer Tabs or Shower Steamers) and Bath Bombs. From there, we'll guide you through the magical process of infusing essential oils to achieve your desired aromatherapy outcomes. Whether you're looking to uplift your mood, relax your senses, or invigorate your soul, we've got the essential oil scoop for you.

Once you've mixed your ingredients and found your scent, it's time to get pressing! You'll get to handcraft your own custom 4-pack of shower or bath bombs. But wait, the fun doesn't stop there! Make your creations truly your own by decorating them with a lavish selection of herbs and botanicals for that extra touch of elegance.

What you'll get:
🌿 Your choice of either a 4-pack of Bath Bombs or a 4-pack of Shower Bombs
🎨 Creative freedom to decorate your bombs with stunning herbs and botanicals
🎓 Expert guidance on the therapeutic use of essential oils

Want to double the fun? Feel free to add an additional 4-pack of your chosen bomb type for just $15. And yes, we're BYOB! Sip your favorite refreshment while you craft your way to bathing bliss.

Price per ticket: $35

So, ready to elevate your bath and shower game? Our Shower and Bath Bomb Making Class is more than just a workshop; it's a sanctuary for creativity, relaxation, and above all, intentional living. Come make some fizzy magic with us and leave equipped to Live with Intention and Thrive (LIT). Book your spot today and let the crafting (and relaxing) begin!

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