In The Mood Bath Soak
In The Mood Bath Soak
In The Mood Bath Soak

In The Mood Bath Soak

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Introducing the reimagined 'In The Mood' Bath Soak – a lavish bathing experience that is the first star in our new bath collection. This extravagant bath soak is designed to turn your bathroom into a personal spa, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury and relaxation.

Centerpiece Bath Bomb:
At the heart of this soak lies a colossal bath bomb, serving as the centerpiece in a beautifully presented bakery box. As it dissolves, it releases our signature 'In The Mood' Essential Oil Blend, filling your bath with an intoxicating mix of Rose, Grapefruit, Vetiver, and Jasmine, known for their aphrodisiac properties.

Surrounding Salts for Ultimate Relaxation:
Encircling the bath bomb is a generous layer of Epsom and Himalayan salts. These mineral-rich salts work in harmony to detoxify your body, relax muscles, and promote a sense of deep calm. They create a mineral therapy session in the comfort of your own bath, helping to replenish essential minerals and wash away the stress of the day.

Topped with Rose Petals:
To enhance the sensory indulgence, each bath soak is topped with delicate rose petals, adding a touch of elegance and romance. The petals float gently on the water's surface, creating a visually stunning and fragrant bath that engages all your senses.

Enriched with Nourishing Ingredients:
What sets our bath soak apart is the infusion of rose clay and a luxurious bubble bath mixture, ensuring a cleansing yet gentle bathing experience. The addition of Argan oil leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and beautifully scented.

The Epitome of Luxury:
Our 'In The Mood' Bath Soak is not just a bath product; it's a statement of opulence and self-love. It's designed for those moments when you need to escape from the everyday and indulge in some well-deserved pampering.

Elevate your bath ritual with the new 'In The Mood' Bath Soak – a haven of tranquility and a celebration of your personal wellbeing. It's more than a soak; it's an experience that rejuvenates the body, mind, and soul. 🌹✨

How to use: Turn on your water, drop your bomb, epsom & Himalayan salts and rose petals in the tub and enjoy the intoxicating aroma and bubbles that are created as the tub fills. Once the tub is full, hop in and enjoy!

Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt (course),  slsa, rose clay, argan oil (Argania spinosa), grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi), rose (Rosa damascena), vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides), and other essential oils; rose buds and petals.

What is SLSA?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate is a natural ingredient derived from coconut and palm oils; a safe, skin-friendly surfactant (foaming agent) for both skin and hair. This mild plant-derived surfactant creates a rich, luxurious lather that effectively removes surface oil, dirt, and bacteria without stripping or drying sensitive skin or hair.

Please note, SLSA is not SLS. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a synthetic cleansing agent that is made of small molecule ingredients. The molecules are capable of penetrating the skin, which can increase the occurrence of skin irritation.

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